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Montblanc goes from traditional to hi-tech

Posted by Lalit Rangani on

Well the old school industry has finally given in. Montblanc the luxury watchmaker has just announced that its Timewalker Urban Speed Collection will come will come with an optional e-strap. This strap will have a small metal screen which will notify the wearer of the usual messages that you expect from Smartwatches. The screen will inform you of your activity, notifications, you will be able to control your music and even trigger your camera remotely.

The OLED touchscreen size is only of 0.9-inch, not very big actually but it is only so wide consumers would want their strap size to be. The strap itself will be of beautiful leather which is produced by Montblanc itself in the pretty city of Florence, Italy. The battery of this LCD module is expected to last 4-5 days before it needs a recharge. It is not going to be cheap obviously considering it is going to be produced by Montblanc so get ready to fork out any thing between US$3319 to US$5675 for this pretty little thing. We are not sure about the strap but the watch itself is a work of art.

Source: Engadget


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  • Another misconception is that a wiednr will wear on your watch. In reality the rotor actually stays still instead of rotating because the watch is rotating in full revolutions. No extra wear and tear in my opinion. Winder is a must.

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