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Furniture that wirelessly charges your smartphone

Posted by Lalit Rangani on

Ikea knows what people want. A convenient way to charge your smartphone without having to look for your charger and without having the cable dangle all over the place. They are launching a new collection of furniture that will wirelessly charge your smartphone through the Qi wireless charging system. This technology will be used and will be built-in to some of their bedside tables, desks and lamps.

This new range of furniture will first appear in the Western continents of North America and Europe. The rest of the world will have to wait some time to get a hold of some of Ikea's new invention. The cost of having this wireless charging system will be extra US$25 than normal. Quite reasonable considering some phone chargers cost about this much any way. Ikea claims this Qi wireless charing system is compatible with 80 different smartphone models and over 700 devices.


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  • That is great! My kids always steal my charger, they cant steal this furniture now can they……..can they? ha ha ha.

    Sandra on

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