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SMSL Q5 PRO Pure Digital Power Amplifier


  • $129.00

The SMSL Q5 Pro Amplifier is a great budget amp which incorporates pure digital amplification technology including audio model optical fiber, coaxial, computer USB and analog input.


Incorporates the STA350BW and dedicated chip for digital modulation technology

FFX technology to ensure high quality, low power consumption

"Easy Start" patented technology allows precise control of the power supply circuit to improve the sound system reliability

Meets high-definition Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats for demanding audio interface standard with sampling rate 44.1 - 192K own testing 


Input: Optical, Coaxial, Analog,  Computer USB
Output: 2-channel (stereo)
Sampling rate: 44.1-192kHz (coaxial · Optical)
                       44.1-96kHz (computer USB)
Bit wide: 16-24Bit
Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz
Impedance adaptation: 4-8 ohm
Maximum output power: 50W / 4 Ohm 35W / 8 ohm
Dynamic Range: 102dB
SNR: 81dB
Power consumption: 102W (maximum)
Dimension:137 x 103 x 33mm
Net Weight:1.1KG

Package Includes:

1 x SMSL Q5 PRO Amplifier

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Remote Control

1 x USB Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

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