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Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro Media Player 24bit 192kHz MP3 AMP Hi-Fi DAC in 32GB - FREE DHL SHIPPING


  • $639.00

Colorfly C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi is a high resolution Portable Audio Player with a 32GB of memory and a Micro-SD expansion slot.

Colorfly's main goal is very simple, a portable player that allows the user to play high resolution files via a high quality audiophile DAC and components meaning up 24bit/19KHz 2 WAV files can be played, along with up to 16/44.1 FLAC, APE and MP3 are all able to be played to your favourite headphone or use the built in DAC and output to your existing Hi-Fi using the S/PDIF coaxial socket. The files can then be upsampled to 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/176.4, and 24/192. The Colorfly C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi is a beautifully designed, easy to use high resolution audio player that is unique and sounds equally as impressive. To add your favourite music to your C4 Pro, simply drag and drop your music files on to the flash based 32GB built in Hard Drive or on to the micro SD card (Not Supplied). If you have a lot of FLAC files this player is perfect to grab and go.

The Colorfly C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi is a portable up-sampling music player that is able to offer levels of quality normally only found in high end Hi-Fi systems. Using many specifically chosen components the C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi far exceeds the quality found in many portable devices and offers true high quality music reproduction, able to play 24bit/192kHz audio files.

Three world firsts for the C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi;

The first portable player able to play 24 bit/192 KHz audio files.

The first portable player with jitter less than 5 picoseconds.

The first portable player where you can use 300 ohm headphones or earphones.

The Colorfly C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi is able to offer unprecedented quality for a portable device. With a Signal to Noise Ratio of 108dB, and clock jitter at just 5 pico seconds it offers exceptional musical reproduction and is on par with the latest of High-End Audio technology.

Classic Walnut Case.

The outer case of the C4 Pro Pocket Hi-Fi player is made of high quality black regius walnut sourced from North America. This gives each owner a truely unique player as the real wood cover has a long wave like grain with clear annual rings and is finished in a smooth gloss making each C4 Pro truly unique.

The Colorfly team chose to process the wood by using specially designed machines in controlled environment in a workshop with a constant temperature and humidity so that the wood doesn't expand or contract while being worked. The engraving and the special curve on the wood are all crafted by hand.

High End Sound is not a Fluke

The excellent 24bit/192KHz sound quality is largely down to the high quality chipset that is used in the Colorfly C4Pro, the Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter ) high end DAC chip which produces extremely high quality acoustics with a dynamic range of up to 120dB, as well as an extremely high decoding rate able to decode 24bit/192KH. Cirus Logic DACs are normally found in Chord Electronics equipment and high end Marantz CD players

Classic style turns to Classic functionality

The Colorfly C4 Pro uses the flagship pro-audio series of the famous ALPS volume potentiometer from Japan. The dust cover and grounding connection were ordered according to the specifications set out by the designers of the Pocket HiFi player. This specific potentiometer was used as it enables the Pocket HiFi C4 Pro to adjust the channel volume in both channels accurately without a significant difference in levels between the left and right channels. The rate of the volume error was lower than 5% on average after 1,000 hours. The volume error rates of the HiFi player have been measured 15% lower than the official data supplied by ALPS.


The Colorfly C4 Pro Pocket HiFi is an MP3 Player like no other, it looks utterly bonkers and has a sound quaility rivaled only by a top end Hi-Fi. With it's complex chassis design and specific component selection the C4 Pro offers the ultimate in high quailty sound reproduction. Their patented 'Jitter Killer' technology adds to the quality by using two TCXO high precision crystal Oscillators and the CS8422 SRC chip from Cirrus Logic to output an unbelievable rate of jitter which is lower than 5ps.

Please note, this player is supplied with EU / UK power adapters only.


  • Classic Regius Wallnut Case
  • Hand Engraved Rear
  • Plays 24bit/192KHz audio files
  • Less Than 5pico seconds Jitter
  • Can Power 300 Ohm Headphones or Speakers
  • ADI AD823 Chip
  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC Chip
  • Cirrus Logic CS8422 SRC Chip
  • TCXO High Precision Crystal Oscillators
  • SNR up to 108dB
  • THD lower than 0.003%
  • 3U Gilt RCA Interface for SPDIF IN/OUT
  • 3U Gilt Interface for 6.3mm Earphones

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