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QLS QA360 24bit/192KHz DSD64/1bit Portable Lossless Music Player - Free DHL Shipping


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One of the best models from QLS is their QA360 a portable lossless music player, DAC and headphone amplifier all in one. Also a SD card hifi wav music player offering music studio quality. The QA360 is able to drive 8-300Ω headphones.

The QA360 supports Studio Master wav files in 24bit/192KHz and DSD64/1bit/Stereo. The DSD files can be streamed out of its digital output in DoP format and hardware converted to analog singles directly through the internal DAC as well.


Three Low jitter TCXO for PCM&DSD
Uses PGA2311 for Advanced digital volume control
SDHC/SDXC to 128GB with FAT32.
Firmware upgradeable
High power Class A headphone amplifier.
4-layers PCB for all circuit boards.
Supports 16bit/24bit, 44.1-192Khz, DSD 1bit 64FS

These audio formats are supported

WAV :  16/24bit, 44.1~192 kHz. 

AIFF  :  16/24bit, 44.1~192 kHz. 

FLAC :  16/24bit, 44.1 kHz~48 kHz, compression level 0~8.

APE   :  16 bit, 44.1 kHz, compression level fast and normal.

ALAC :  16 bit, 44.1 kHz

MP3   :  16bit, 44.1/48 kHz, 96k bps~320k bps, CBR/VBR/ABR encoding.

CUE   :  ANSI / UNICODE / UTF-8 Encoding. 

DSD   :  DSD64 1bit, Stereo---DIFF、DSF、SACD ISO.

Digital output: PCM / Dolby Digital output/ DTS Digital output / DSD (DoP V1.0).

Digital output: Coaxial*1(3.5mm), Optical*1(Round Port).
Analog output: 3.5mm Line Out.

Analog Line out: 2V (RMS), frequency response 0Hz-20KHz, SNR 116dB, Distortion 0.0006%

Headphone out: 490mW/16Ω;   245mW/32Ω;   55mW/300Ω;  Frequency response: 0Hz-20Khz; 

Output impedance: 0.075 ohms

DAC Chip: CS4398. 

LVP: AD8620.

Battery Type: 3.7V 3000-3120mAH Li-Po battery.

Battery life: 10 to 11 hours for PCM, or 7-8 hours for DSD.Weight: 0.26kg

Dimensions: 117x72x27mm (WxDxH)

Package Includes:

1 x QLS QA360 Player

1 x 16G SDHC UHS-I Card

1 x SDHC SD USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader

1 x Power Supply

1 x USB to DC3.5 Adapter Cable

1 x Silicone case

1 x Manual Guide

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