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Aune S6 32Bit/384 DSD DAC Headphone amplifier


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The Aune S6 is the latest product of aune S series with decoding and headphone amplifier function , it adopts the simple and smooth shape design and the flagship chip of AKM:AK4495 ,built-in powerful balanced headphone amplifier , with USB /COAX /OPT/AES digital input ,with XLR/RCA output and support volume control /direct output mode .

neutral representation
Balanced headphone amplifier
Supports DSD files
Generous inputs / outputs
Large, clear display
Run it in "fixed" mode on the outputs or variable, for example, drive active speakers and adjust the volume with S6

S6 32Bit / 384K 128 DSD DAC / Headphone Amplifier
S6 is the latest product of Aune S series with decoding and headphone amplifier function, it adopts the simple and smooth shape design and the flagship chip of AKM AK4495, built-in powerful balanced headphone amplifier, with USB / COAX / OPT / AES digital input XLR / RCA outputs and support volume control / direct output mode.

White TFT display
DAC: AK4495S
Natively recognised on Mac OS and Linux without drivers
Bitperfect: Wasapi / Asio for Microsoft XP to Win10
Inputs: 1x Optical Toslink, 1x Coaxial, 1x USB B and 1x AES / EBU
Decoding up to 32bit / 384kHz (USB) via XMOS interface and 24bit / 192kHz for other digital inputs
DSD native support (DSD64 (DOP / native), DSD128 (DOP)
Support for DXD 32bit 384 khz
Digital isolation of USB and Coaxial inputs
2x high precision clocks
Shielded transformer
Stereo analog outputs on RCA and XLR
Balanced 4-pole headphone output
Headphone output asymmetrical 6.35mm jack
Bandwidth: 20hz to 20khz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0008% to 1khz
Dynamic capacity: 116dB
Crosstalk: -132dB
Output voltage (RCA): 2 Vrms
Output Voltage (XLR): 4.2 Vrms
Symmetric output port: 246mW @ 300ohm
Asymmetric Output Port: 72mW @ 300ohm
A USB cable of 1m50
A mains cable of 1m50
A USB key containing the Windows drivers and a manual in English in PDF
Selecting sources by pushbutton
Volume control for helmet with notched potentiometer
Chassis Aluminium Black anti-oxidation treated
Housing dimensions: 288 x 211 x 63mm
Weight: 3kg

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