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Cayin Spark N6 Audiophile DAP Lossless Music Player 8GB onboard memory + FREE 32GB TF Card + FREE DHL Shipping


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Surely one of the best audiophile DAP players around. The Cayin N6 has a DSD playback and an extremely powerful chip Dual PCM1792A from Texas Instruments provides great audio solutions. This chip is compatible in both PCM and DSD operation states. Solidly built with a carbon fibre back case and with a round lens on the front with a square display screen inside gives it a classic and modern look at the same time. A super clear 2.4” IPS (SHARP) screen provides a brilliant 400x360 pixels resolution.

The Cayin N6 DAP works with the support of large-scale programmable logic device SA2000 in combination with three separate crystals- for 44.1 kHz PCM, 48 kHz PCM and DSD. This greatly decreases the crosstalk from the clock signal and decreases the noise thereby. It performs on dual-core XBurst support SIMD / SIMD2, working at 576MHZ frequency to give full support to HD hardware decoding player. There are 3 output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output for enhancing your musical experience. Supports a great number of audio files such as DSD, WAV, APE, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and more. Weighing at only 230g and with a 8GB onboard flash memory you will be the envy of others.


DSD playback and DSD native output
Separate crystals for 44.1 kHz PCM, 48kHz PCM and DSD to reduce the crosstalk from the clock signal and decrease jitter
Supports high performance Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0
Dual PCM1792A DAC chips from Texas Instruments
PCM1792A can work in both PCM and DSD operation state. 
Volume chip PGA2311 from Texas Instrument
3 output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output
Dual BUF634 with a driving capacity of 250mA headphone driver
Separate power supply circuit for the Digital and Analogue circuit
Precise I/V conversion circuit, low pass filter circuit and high performance amplification circuit
Built in battery with capacity of 3.7V 5600mAh
8GB internal storage and TF Card Slot


DAC       Dual PCM1792A

MCU      Dual Core 600MHz Ingenic Xburst JZ4760

PLD       SA2000

Volume  PGA2311

Detailed Features:

Headphone          180mW+180mW @ 32ohm 

USB-DAC             Asynchronous USB up to 24bit/192kHz

Gain Selection      High/Low (+6dB)

Channel Balance  -10~+10; +/-10dB

Equalisation          10 bands, +/- 10dB

Power Saving        Auto Power Off, Backlight time off, Breakpoint Resume

Interface & Storage:

Display           : 2.4" TFT 400x360 IPS screen

Analog Output:  1 x 3.5mm (headphone)

                        1 x 3.5mm (line)

Digital Output:   1 x 3.5mm S/PDIF (coaxial)

Physical Ctrl  :   1 x Multipurpose Jog Dial

                        4 x Generation Navigation Button

                        Volume +/Next

                        Volume -/Pre

Language     :    English                         

Storage        :    1 x MicroSD Card (up to 128G)

Audio Format

DSD                     DSD64 (DSF,DFF), DSD128 (DSF,DFF) SACD ISO

WAV                    Up to 24bit/192kHz

FLAC                   Up to 24bit/192kHz

ALAC                   Up to 24bit/192kHz

APE                     Up to 24bit/192kHz

WMA                   Up to 24bit/192kHz

AAC                     Supported

OGG                    Supported

MPEG                  MP2, MP3


Capacity              5600mAH

Charger               1.2A 

Battery Life          6-8 hours

Charging Time     2.5 hours - 4.5 hours

Weight                 230g

Package Includes:

1 x Cayin N6 Unit

1 x 32GB MicroSD Card

1 x Card Reader

1 x USB cable

1 x 3.5mm coaxial cable

1 x Silicone case

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