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HiFiMan HE-6 Headphones - FREE DHL SHIPPING


  • $1,299.00

The Hifiman HE6 is an orthodynamic headphone. In an orthodynamic driver, the diaphragm is a thin, light membrane whose entire surface is covered with a conductive coating whose ‘conductors’ are arranged in a specific pattern. The conductive driver membrane is in turn suspended near an array of magnets arranged so that, when an audio signal is fed to the driver, the entire diaphragm surface is alternately pulled toward or pushed away from the magnet array.

In theory, the benefits of this approach are twofold. First, the diaphragm can be very light and responsive (lighter than the voice coil/diaphragm assembly of a traditional dynamic driver). Second, driving forces act over the entire working surface of the diaphragm, potentially offering more precise control with greater freedom from unintended resonance or vibration.

Isodynamic diaphragms are larger and less efficient than electrostatic diaphragms, but the equal-force drive principle allows them to move very quickly and in a coherent, uniform way, so provided there is sufficient damping, the headphone gives excellent transient response and a sound quality not unlike that of an electrostatic.

Specifications :

Planar Magnetic driver

Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 65 KHz

Sensitivity: 83.5 dB, 1 mW

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Cable: 2m with 1/4″ stereo plug,exchangeable

Ear cushions: exchangeable, velvet finish

Weight: 502 g, without cable

3 year free repair warranty

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