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HiFiMan HM901 Digital Portable Music Player with Musical Card + Free HiFiMAN RE400 Earphones + Free Shipping by DHL


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Ultra High-end, Best Sounding Portable Music Player Available Today

Portable digital music players have much to offer in terms of mobility and convenience. But the sound quality is definitely lacking if you want to experience the full sonic potential of 24-bit music files. Up to now to enjoy the highest resolution lossless music, you would need to use your computer or a desktop component. So HiFiMAN's Fang Bian developed the HM-901, a truly audiophile portable music player that's packed with innovative performance enhancing technology.

In addition to offering unrivaled sound quality, the new HiFiMAN player accepts a wide array of audio formats, is expandable, and is easy to operate, thanks to its advanced used interface. Three years in the making, this remarkable HiFiMAN reference player is destined to set a new standard for true audiophile-quality portable devices. And the HM-901 can function as a network music server.

Dual 32-bit Sabre DAC Chips

The HM-901 uses two Sabre ES9018 32-bit DAC chips, currently the most expensive and top-of-the-line DAC chip available. It will play 24-bit 192 kHz high definition music files and offers upsampling to 24/192. It accepts most lossless audio formats. Supported 16-bit file formats include mp3, flac, ape, aac, alac, aiff, and wav. Supported 24-bit file formats include mp3, wav, flac, and alac.

Sound quality is beyond amazing. According to HiFiMAN Founder and President, Dr. Fang Bian, "The HM-901 has been extensively tested in double-blind listening sessions and compares favorably to the highest quality reference digital playback systems."

High-end Step Attenuator Volume Control

Also contributing to the HM-901's sonic excellence is its very high-end step attenuator volume control, which is a product that you will not find in another manufacturer's portable audio device. It's an expensive item to include in a mobile player. But the benefits are worth it. "The advantage is that the resistors in both channels of the step attenuator can be paired to make sure they are 100 percent identical," says Fang. "So the soundstage will be much more accurate than with regular volume controls."

And speaking of the volume control, here's a nice feature. The patented volume control is recessed in the front of the case so that you are highly unlikely to ever change the amplitude by accident. "Even if the front rubs up against clothes or other surface, the volume will not change," says Fang. "This is necessary to help protect your ears, because the amplifier module for headphones is very powerful."

Powerful Amplifier Module

The HM-901 boasts a uniquely designed headphone amplifier module. It uses four OP627 chips, which is one of the most expensive op-amps available, and OPA634 buffers, which also is a very high-grade chip from Texas Instruments. As a result, the sound quality is very impressive.

The headphone amplifier is located on an easily removed module. This makes the HM-901 great for tweakers who might like to experiment with different amp modules. HiFiMAN is currently developing an extra powerful 6-volt-output amplifier module card which can drive most full-size headphones

Low-gain/High-gain Switch

In-ear headphones demand very high signal-to-noise ratio, but don't require high output, because the efficiency is high. Full size headphones typically have very low efficiency and the impedance is relatively very high.

To excel with both types of headphones, the MH-901 has a low-gain output and a high-gain output switch. Low gain is for the smaller type headphones, like earphones, earbuds, in-ears. The high gain is more powerful and is designed for use with full-size headphones.

Balanced/Normal Mode Selection

Also unique to this player is a patented system allowing you to select either Balance or Normal mode playback via a convenient switch on side. Balanced is for four-pin headphone plugs (separate 'plus' and 'minus' for each channel). Normal is for the standard three-pin mini-jack output, with both channels using a shared ground.

"The balanced mode has much more powerful output then the normal, because the balanced amplifier is four times more powerful," notes Fang. "The channel separation is much higher, so the soundstage is much larger. The balanced mode is perfect for all of the HiFiMAN high-grade headphones, which all use the four-pin balanced connections."

HD/Vintage Switch

Another great feature of the HM-901 is the HD and Vintage switch, which alters the DAC frequency response. HD means high definition, and there is less roll-off in the high frequencies. It's a more modern sonic signature. Vintage gives you 3 db roll-off at 20 kHz to mimic the softer sonic signature you get from classic hi-fi gear.

Easily Replaceable Rechargeable Battery

Unlike other portable music players, the HM-901 is not a 'disposable' audio product. It is built to deliver exceptional performance for years and years. Reflecting this philosophy is its replaceable rechargeable battery. It's easy to open the back and swap out the battery when you need to. And it's a very large and robust battery unlike the power source you'll find in other portables. It delivers +/- 7.4 volts, 2,000mA.

Interchangeable SD Card Memory

The HM-901 uses an SD card for maximum convenience. So instead of relying on an internal flash memory which would be difficult or impossible to replace, just pop in your own SD card. "With an SD card, you can buy several and switch them out and easily have several hundred gigabytes worth of digital files."

Even More Features

In addition to all of these great features, the HM-901 also has a custom-designed TAICHI user interface for exceptional ease of use and fast response. It offers digital input/output and USB decoding through an optional docking station. The sleek, robust case is constructed from high-tech composites.

Forthcoming firmware upgrades will allow the HM-901 to function as a Wi-Fi music server and will also allow gapless playback of digital music files.

Features :

Dual Saber ES9018 32-bit DAC chips for highest sound quality
Upsampling to 24/192
Accepts most lossless audio formats, including Apple lossless
Supported 16-bit file formats: mp3, flac, ape, aac, alac, aiff, wav
Supported 24-bit file formats: mp3, wav, flac, alac
Step potentiometer for the volume control
TAICHI UI for fast response and simplicity of operation
Sleek design with robust case made of high-tech composites
Expandable, including amplifier card
Replaceable recharageable battery
Interchangeable SD card memory (SD card not included)
I/O: Headphone output, Line output, SD card slot
Digital input/output and USB decoding through optional docking station
WiFi Music Server (will support via firmware upgrading)
Gapless playback (will support via firmware upgrading)

Specifications :

Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHz
Distortion: 0.008%(Line out)
S/N: 106±4dB
Battery life: 9 hours
D/A Chip: ES9018*2
LPF: OPA2107*2, OPA627*2
Dimensions: 2.8" wide, 4.6" high, 1.1" deep
Weight: 8.8 oz

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