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Hisoundaudio PDAA-1 Studio 3ANV Anniversary Edition Audiophile Grade Music Player


The 3ANV player leaves most with a very good impression. Superb sound quality with powerful output and even the most sensitive IEMs do not have an audible hiss when using the 3ANV. Strong enough to power full-size headphones and also has a quiet background for high sensitivity CIEMs. Its also the first player with an earphone amplifier function.


80 MW of output power, which makes it one of the most powerful DAPs in the world.
Battery with 80 hours of playing time.
Portability with size of just 80x50x20mm
Enhanced earphone amplifier function, which means it has one of the best portable earphone amplifiers on the market.
Neutral sound signature, compatible with most earphones.
No hiss with most headphones, even with the SE 530 , TF 10 or most CIEMs.
Probably the widest soundstage of all players.


Earphone amplifier grade: Hisound's proprietary HiFi amplifier
Frequency Response: 10Hz-25kHz
S/N :96dB
Memory capacity: 4G+expanding SD card slot.
Card Compliance : Micro SD,  SDHC,
 Battery capacity: 2000Ma rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery continually playing time: > 85hours (volume set at 3 degrees
Proprietary Pover saving technology:  EMA Technology
(Energy Management and Admeasurement Technology)
The analog signal output: HDMS circuit design, which can supply high quality music
sources to an external earphone amplifier or home amplifier.
Supported  formats:MP3, WMA, WAV, Flac,AAC, OGG
Earphone amplifier function. Can work as an individual earphone amplifier.
Screen: 1 inch OLED
Color available: Brushed black
UI Operation: Mechanical key button operation ( one-hand and blind operation capability)
Multiple language selectable:English,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,French,German,Italian,Portugal, Spanish, Czech, Polish , Russian, Dutch Chinese-sim, Chinese-Tradition
USB type: mini USB 2.0
Dimension:81.85mm L x 50mm W x 20.65 (MM)


Why STUDIO 3 ANV is better than Studio V

More dynamic

Larger soundstage

More precise

Bass is deeper and punchier

Better timbre and transparence

No hiss, fits well with sensitive IEMs and full headphones

Package Includes

3ANV Player

USB cable

AC adapter


PAA-1 Earphones


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