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MIYAGO 3D Projector for Androids


  • $799.00

Packed with features, great resolution and super brightness makes this projector a great frontrunner in the pico projectors section. This 3D projector displays amazing super clear picture quality because it uses 1200 Lumens. It has built in Wifi capabilities, meaning that apps can be downloaded from the pre-loaded Google Play Store and displayed directly from the projector itself. It also has a built-in web browser and presentation viewer, allowing for a much more integrated experience. Presentation and documents can now be downloaded directly into the 3D Projector through Wifi and displayed hassle-free.


After connecting the 3D Projector Android the first you notice is the pristine display. It's hard for a projector to achieve this sort of clarity, but clocking in at 1200 lumens this device is certainly impressive. All you video content seems to like better than it has ever looked, and when platform games are connected via HDMI it actually seems like a completely realistic experience.

The second thing that you will notice is the display size. Without compromising on picture quality, the 3D Projector Android can go up to a display size of 150”. It would be sufficient for this projector to only have these features and it would still be a quality device, however, there are multiple features that place it at the very top of the pico projector category.


Because the 3D Projector Android is WiFi enabled, there is no limit to the various ways this projector can be used. Presentations and content can be directly loaded through the dedicated browser and displayed hassle-free, thus saving you the aggravation of copying your files into a USB device and then loading it into the projector. By being powered by Android, you can even download apps into the projector directly.

A very important feature in the 3D projector android is the in-built U-Console app. Through this app content from your smart phone or tablet can be mirrored onto the projector. Everything that is being displayed on your screen is projected meaning that content does not necessarily have to be loaded into the device. Imagine, sitting inside your office and conducting a presentation to the office an entire floor beneath you. Connect your mobile device to the 3D projector through U-Console and this is a very realistic possibility.

3D and Freebies

As the name suggests, the Android 3D projector can play files in 3D format. Most 3D formats are supported and all other formats can be played as well through the built-in encoder. Two pairs of rechargeable 3D glasses are included in the box and the box also contains a 3D mouse and wireless keyboard, along with an IP mouse. All of these great features combined make the 3D projector Android a must have for any home or office for added productivity and added entertainment.


Android powered

Download App from Google Play Store

Control device from your smart phone using built-in U-console

Display size up to 150 lumens

Built-In rechargeable battery


Projection Technology : DLP
HD Lens : High Antireflection Coating Lens
Operation System : Android 4.2
Display size : 150 inches
Resolution : 1280 x 800
Lumens : 1200 Lumens
Contrast Ratio : 5000 : 1
Connectivity : HDMI, AV, VGA, TF Card, USB
supports USB Hard Disk Data Read)
WIFI, WLAN, Headset

Size: 223 x 132 x 31 mm

Weight: 650g

Comes With:

1 x Remote Control

1 x AV Cable

1 x 4GB TF Card

1 x 3D glasses

1 x Power Adaptor

1 x USB cable

1 x Manual


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