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SoundMAGIC PL50 Noise Isolating In-Ear Monitor Earphones

SoundMAGIC PL50 Noise Isolating In-Ear Monitor Earphones


  • $55.00

Product Description


Neutral, transparent, detailed - these same endearing qualities of studio monitor speakers are also the same ones that perfectly describe the performance of the SoundMAGIC PL50 in-ear monitor earphones. Listen to music how they were intended to be heard, with nothing added or taken away.


Balanced, in more ways than one

Whereas ordinary earphones use common dynamic drivers, high end custom in-ear monitors use balanced armature drivers to reproduce sound with startling accuracy, energy, and detail. The PL50 in-ear monitor is no exception, bringing balanced-armature technology to a new level of accessibility. No ordinary technology for these extraordinary earphones.


Hear the music, keep out the noise

Let nothing get between you and your music. The PL50 provides an industry leading 20dB of noise isolation, turning environments with traffic or nearby conversation into calm and quiet private listening spaces. The included over-ear hooks not only securely hold the PL50 in place while walking or jogging, they also help prevent cord noise so you can remain active.


Customized fit for best sound and comfort

Everyone's ears are different, so the PL50 comes with seven different pairs of ear tips, from small silicone gel caps to large foam tips, each providing a different level of fit and seal. Use the tips that best fit your ears and you will not only enjoy the PL50's exceptional audio performance, but do so in comfort hour after hour.


NOTE: The sound quality of in-ear monitors like the PL50 depend greatly using appropriate ear tips - it is important to try all of the included ear tips to find the pair that best suits the listener's tastes.



Transducers: Micro balanced armature

Frequency Response: 15-22kHz

Sensitivity: 109dB/1mW 1kHz

Maximum Power: 20mW

Cable: 1.2m reinforced adjustable

Connector: Stereo 3.5mm Angled gold-plated

Weight: 8g



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