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TOPPING TP60 80W x 2 Class T Digital Amplifier


  • $199.90

2x80 watt amplifier powerful, producing a warm and very detailed sound, TP60 was developed by Topping for over a year, it is the most advanced product of the brand and certainly the best stereo amplifier that price and well beyond.

Built around the Tripath TA2022 chip with the addition of DPP ™ technology (digital power processing) specific to some T-amp, it includes an independent toroidal transformer for each channel, very rare thing this tariff level. resulting output, image spacious sound, impressive depth and accuracy even at low volume, the TP60 class reached amplifier performance A / B other well-known brands, but at a price 3-5 times lower.

The TP60 and possesses two sets of RCA inputs that allow you to connect multiple sources this device has the remarkable quality of construction and quality and incredible price.

T-Amp IC Tripath TA2022 + DPP ™
Power Output 2 x 80W @ 4ohm, 2 x 50W @ 8ohm
102dB Signal to Noise Ratio
102dB Dynamic Range

Audio Inputs:
RCA Audio Input (Left / Right) x 2, Manual Selection facade

Speaker OUT (Left) x 1 pair (+ / -)
Speaker OUT (Right) x 1 pair (+ / -)

Comes With:
1 x TP60
1 x Power Cable to Fr
1 x User Manual

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