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Wansview NCM-623W Indoor Wireless IP Camera with 720p, Night Vision & Built in Memory Card


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Product Description from manufacturer:

The camera also has infra red sensors for night vision as well as motion detection capabilities. The camera can also be remotely viewed through secure web browser (perfect if you are on holiday) as well as iPhone and Android apps for viewing on your phone.

The cameras security features allow you to setup pre-defined time for motion sensing and recording, ideal for offices to record any movement during after work hours or for your home when on holiday. The camera can be connected to external alarm systems or can be configured to email images and videos upon sensing movement. Video and images can be recorded directly onto the camera via a memory card through the SD card slot.

The camera can connect to your home network either through wifi or lan cable. The camera also can pan and tilt, users can control the movement or can set the camera up to sweep back and forth automatically. The built in microphone can record audio and can also be listened to remotely, with the addition of a external speaker and a microphone on your PC or through your phone you can communicate back.

-Support 3 kinds of H.264 video stream and 1 way MJPEG video stream simultaneously, suitable for Local, Internet and Cross-platform view;
-Support resolution for 1280*720/640*360/320*180;
-Support 4 ways view in a video stream;
-Support two-way intercom function,build in MIC, and G.711 and G.726 audio encoding;
-Support 802.11b/g/n protocol, build-in WiFi module to perform wireless monitoring;
-Built-in IR_CUT, 3.6mm lens; TF card socket;12pcs IR LED, up to 8 meter night vision; Work status LED indicate:
-Built-in web server, use one port to send all the data, users can facilitates network setting;
-Support ONVIF and RTSP protocol, easy to integrate it to NVR or large client software;
-Support WPS/QSS function;
-Support POE function for some cameras, user optional;
-Support multi-languages web interface, support 1/4/9 split screen to perform several view at same time;
-Manufacturer puts a label of DDNS at the bottom of each IP Camera. When IP Camera is connected to the internet, this URL can be used to visit the device;
-Provide free client software, support Multi-view, Long time recording, video replay etc;
-Provide free software viewed by mobile phone.

*Included Accessories:

1 x Camera
1 x Wireless antenna
1 x Ethernet cable
1 x Installation CD
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Stand
1 x Power charger